thinking creatively or unconventionally beyond the traditional or usual methods.

Current On-Going Project Open for PR/ VC Funding

Developing for UAE KSA/ Kuwait /Qatar

the contrast between
writing on paper and writing on water.

Presenting a revolutionary box that embodies and exemplifies the essence of usability and clarity in an innovative Ad Platform.

usable and consumable advertising platform


Startup Funding Opportunities

in the process of developing a new remarkable Service

For Government InstitutionS Only

If you hold a prominent position within the government, particularly in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, or Qatar, you are the chosen candidate to introduce this project exclusively at the PM level. It is important not to engage individuals at the technical or technocratic levels during this phase, as this project operates solely within the realm of high-level politics.

the vision and aspiration remain feasible and even more attainable now, provided governments heed logical and rational perspectives.

The essence of the project can be encapsulated by a single symbol, as depicted by a French artist, illustrating the profound extent of this missed opportunity for MENA .

"A picture worth a thousand words."

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For Experienced Industrial Companies

Previous Experience Reference Only

Previous Project Ended back in 2009.

Baby Food Jar -turkey

Enlisting investors and strategic expertise partners to put forth the concept of Turkey’s premier baby jar food manufacturing facility in 2009.

This image is purely illustrative and does not depict the actual product.

Significant Enhancement to new Product Development and Exciting Opportunities in a New segment. If your operations fall within the realms of food manufacturing or pharmaceuticals, it would be beneficial to delve into the prospects we are currently holding.

current market size for healthy food in


USD 124.26


The Market Size in


USD 232.46


Previous Experience Reference Only

Previous Experience Reference Only

Previous Project Ended back in 2004.

Composite LPG Cylinder

Operating under an agency arrangement with a Norwegian company, we introduced a groundbreaking product from Norway to the Jordanian market in 2002. Additionally, we extended our activities to several Middle Eastern countries, diligently promoting the newly patented composite LPG cylinders.

Previous Experience Reference Only

Previous Experience Reference Only

Previous Project Ended back in 1998

Real Estate MLS/ Jordan

as an early entrepreneur back in 1998, embraced and applied e-commerce, and I developed the first MLS for real estate in Jordan in cooperation with Arabia Online.

Startup Funding Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
The Endless Pursuit,
The Infinite Qest

Currently in the process of exploring a new application area.

we are actively seeking partnership with Private Equity firms and investors who value collaboration as peers, rather than pursuing an urgent and ostentatious agenda. We believe in fostering relationships built on respect and shared vision, rather than an overwhelming display of urgency. To ensure the protection of our innovative project, we kindly request the signing of an NDA, as a gesture of mutual trust and commitment to safeguarding our ideas and endeavors.